Sunday, November 21, 2010

Surrounded By Hunters This Week!

"Where did that hunter go?" questions Dark Shadow

This week-end and this week too, we are having many hunters all around us. I think with the economic situation with the way it is, more people are out hunting. There have been lots of deer out here. I have seen many trucks go by yesterday and today with deer in the back. I am not a hunter myself, though I grew up in a family of hunters. I always have a soft heart for the animals. I understand the importance of getting meat for your family. Especially since I am a meat eater myself. This is the good type of meat with nothing put into those animals, except what they pick up from the farmers' fields. We were lucky enough to find a very fresh deer carcass for our dog, Nikita yesterday. She NEEDS fresh wild meat every now and then. She is a very contented girl today, knowing that is outside waiting for her.

Tawny says, "what hunter? I want more hay!"

Two of our horses, Dark Shadow and Georgie Girl used to be afraid of so many things. Since they have now been here for ten years, not much scares them. Sometimes guys go by on four wheelers or snowmobiles. It doesn't even get their attention. The guys that go slower tend to get more attention from these girls. They especially like people going by on horses or walking. They will go right up to the fence to look at them.

"I am the "Boss Mare" and no hunter will make me go inside!" says Georgie.

Today a hunter came into the woods along that tree line and that is why Dark Shadow is standing there. I yelled to him not to fire his gun near my horses. He did not respond back. I went back in the house and figured there is nothing I can do. When I came back out, he was gone and the other two horses had moved. Dark Shadow stood there for a long time watching for him. Maybe he went further in or something, but I did not see him again. I just did not want him to fire a gun near them because of their ears. A gun is very loud and I did not know how they would react.

So everything seems quiet now. Maybe these guys have gone to get something to eat. I like it when it is quiet here. That is one problem with living in the state forest. You will always have people coming here for some reason or other. Most the time though, it is peaceful in our forest.

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