Monday, February 28, 2011

Protection On Your Homestead

Whether or not you live in a secluded area as I do, you still need to protect your home. To tell the truth, I think you are in more danger of being broken into than I am out here. Living out in a secluded area means that I really have to worry if I leave for any length of time. I mean here, I have absolutely no neighbors in sight of my house. So someone can come here and break into my home or barn and who is to see? We have always arranged to have someone here if we have to be away for any reason. But it still seems as if people who live in neighborhoods get broken into more often.

Lately though, I have thought about protecting our home and how I should go about this. Some things you need to do now and I am going to be working on this myself, is to make a detailed inventory of all of your valuables. Jewelry, art, antiques, collections, whatever you have of value. Include the date you bought it, your receipts if possible, make, model, original price and a detailed description and photograph of each item. Make sure your valuable items are covered under your insurance policy and if not, get a special policy to cover it.

This got me to thinking about installing burglar alarms to protect us for those times when we aren't here. Just knowing your home is being monitored from burglars will give you peace of mind. To me, that makes it worth every cent. Nothing is worse than coming home to find your home vandalized or robbed. It will protect you in case of fire or just about any emergency that shows up on your monitoring system. So even though I am working on cutting expenses, this is one of those expenses that will save you money by protecting what you already own. Your home is the most valuable item you have. Protect it!

So are you ready to do the installation? If you buy a good DIY burglar alarm and follow the directions in the manual that should get you set up. You can always buy a system that will include your installation. It is up to you which you choose. Once it is all in place you will have that peace of mind. And that is what matters the most. Some home alarm buying tips include knowing what your system comes with. Know how it works and what to expect of it. Once you are comfortable with it, you will be glad to have it. Anything new takes a little bit of time to become familiar with it. After that it should work automatically and you won't have to worry about it anymore.

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