Tuesday, March 01, 2011

This Is The Year Of Food And Fuels

The cost of fuel this year has opened our eyes! We have decided this year is to be the year of Food & Fuels. This means we are going to work doubly hard on cutting the amount of money we pay out for either one of those things. Food we grow. But there are many things we use that we do not grow. I am going to grow more produce and herbs and use them to get the things we do use. Either by bartering or by selling.

As of today, I have started my goal of using my propane cook stove as little as possible. I will use it in the morning to brew the coffee, but the rest of the day's cooking will be on the wood stoves. I admit, I have gotten lazy lately and was using the propane stove more than usual. It is easier. Just flip the switch. The cook stove is a little more complex than that. I want to see how little propane we can use if we concentrate on doing just that.

Gasoline for the generator, the chainsaw and the truck is something I can't do much about. At least not right now. My husband has been wanting a crosscut saw and I know we have to try to get one of them in the near future. But this year we bought a wind turbine instead. So the crosscut saw will have to wait. The wind turbine hopefully will cut our use of the gasoline generator.

During the spring, summer and fall, we will be working hard this year, growing and harvesting food. Gathering kindling and wood. Hoping to get a couple of loads of logs dropped for firewood for next year. Foraging for wild foods in the forest and land around us. Cutting down the amount of trips we make to town unless we have many errands planned. Not just going for one thing. Making smart choices in the use of all food and fuel is essential for survival. Especially this year.

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Ada said...

Ooo, a wind turbine. I'd love to hear how that works out for you guys!

katlupe said...

It is supposed to be delivered today! Yes, we are excited about it. Won't be able to put it up till the weather changes though. Next winter we will be getting power from it.

teekaroo said...

A wind turbine is on my wishlist too. I'm excited to hear how it goes together for you.

berryvine said...

I am interested in hearing about the wind turbine too! I think this year will be about food and fuel for most of the country.