Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Burial Insurance Should Be In Your Plans

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Yes!  Burial Insurance plans can be a good thing. It may not sound like it, but eventually, that time will come to us all. When you get to be my age, you start thinking about death.......your own death to be exact. You may have lost your parents, or even your spouse. It gets to be on your mind more than in the past. I guess when you get to your fifties, it really comes home to you, that you will not be living forever. Sometimes you read the news about a famous star or celebrity that died suddenly. Then you think, "Wow, that could happen to me."

In 2002, my mother died after suffering for 24 years with Cushing Syndrome. It was expected in her last year, and she kept telling us it would be soon. When she passed away, I went to the funeral parlor with my father to make all the arrangements. Now my parents did not have much money, and lived in a simple trailer on two acres of land. They did not have life insurance. But when the funeral director got through all the paper work, he said to my father, "How do you want to pay for that?" My father answered, "Do you take cash?" The directors eyes popped out! My parents had saved for this, and in fact, that day my father also paid in advance for his own funeral.

Not many people can do that though. So the next best thing is to purchase burial insurance. You know someday you WILL be using it. This type of insurance gives you peace of mind when you are dying. It is one less thing to be worrying about. So many people are frantic with worry at this time, near the end of their life because of this. They are afraid of what kind of burden it will put on their loved ones. If you are alone at this time in your life it also relieves you, to know this is paid for by you in advance.

Your senior life insurance provides for your burial and funeral expenses. But it can also be used for other expenses as well. Many baby boomers are now raising their grandchildren, and may want to provide for them after they are gone. We are living longer and that means our savings may not last that long. So in this way you will have that money to cover other expenses. Stay on top of all the senior insurance news by joining the AARP. They keep you informed as well as offer you many discounts for insurance, travel, health products, financial services and more.

I have a friend who had to deal with a death of a family member last year and he had absolutely no money to cover it. She was sick over this as she had only enough money to live on for herself. I am not sure what she finally did, but it was an awful situation she was in at that time. So even if you are not doing it for yourself, think about doing it for your family.

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