Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Decorating Peaceful Forest Homestead

View from our deck, not bad!
From my deck I have a great view! Not other houses or people like most people I know. The forest around us gives us the most scenic views all year long. Our house as I have told many times, was a hunting camp. It was in bad condition outside and in when we moved here in 1999. Hunters didn't care about it much and used it mostly for partying. The evidence for that was all the beer cans and liquor bottles thrown around the grounds that we had to clean up. 

Our deck that we hope to make into a sun room.

 Our deck is going to be transformed into a sun room. Build Direct composite decking is what I am considering for rebuilding our deck. Once I saw their products and showed them to my husband, we both agreed that it seems to be perfect for what we want. Low price and environmentally friendly. As it is made from recycled materials. I want a place to start plants in the early spring and this is on the southern side of our house. Perfect place for it. We don't really use it much as a deck anyway as it gets too hot in the summer.

Kitchen is being remodeled presently.

Our kitchen floor badly needs to be finished. Right now it is just bare boards. This travertine tile would be the finishing touch it needs. It is a natural stone tile fitting right into our plan of living in a natural setting. The kitchen and living room will be merged into one big great room. We have to wait till the rest of the room is done before we do the floor. That will be the last thing we plan to do in there. That way it won't get messed up. We are extending it out over what was the porch and over the new battery room. That way the solar refrigerator and freeze will be directly over the battery bank.

Better Homes and Gardens has many awesome ideas for decorating my house. It will be ready for that process within the next year or so. I have begun looking at ideas but have to be sure they fit my house. Our setting in the forest means I want it to be more rustic than a house that would be in a city. I Need to keep the forest as my theme. What about you? Do you have a certain theme or style for your home? A favorite color or design that is important to the mood of your home? I'd love to hear about it!

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Anonymous said...

Your home is already beautiful. I tend to use the earth colors and have used a mossy pale green throughout my home as the central color.I find it really peaceful. Our home has alot of natural wood which needs to be restained. I look forward to watching your progress on your home.
:) Bev

PJ said...

Hey Katlupe!
I think your house is pretty the way it is. I would love all of that stained wood! We live in a rent house and everything is 'painted" or its that "pressed wood" that if you try to do anything to it it will fall apart. Our house was built in the 50's and I think little has been done to it. YUCK! Anyway, from the pictures, you have a beautiful home. (You can keep the snow though! LOL!)

God Bless,

Skip said...

Oh Kat, I can relate to the natural style living so much. The two of you have worked so hard and created such a lovely HOME. I love the idea of turning the deck into a sun room! I am still being in this flat, I do know however exactly what I want to have. A big French Provence kitchen - very rustic with fireplace and wooden eating place. I already have a very cream - brown bedroom with some turquoise accents. We currently have a very modern black dining set and I add an all natural sideboard which I am currently refurbish. Bought it at the community thrift store. It was painted black with red painted handles and looked poorly. I am still working on it. And I am working on my little patio for the lettuce and some veggies. You are such an inspiration to me and you get the best housewife and homemaker out of me. Thanks for being out there, thanks for being who you are! Paula xxx

Carolyn Renee said...

We also live in the woods and our house is log so all the exterior walls show log on the inside also. The kitchen cabinets are wood, and our floors are a wide-plank wood-look laminate (like Pergo stuff). Although I love the look of wood & bringing the "woodsy" theme indoors, I occasionally get a bug up my butt and want a pop of color here or there. In come the curtains, pillows, pictures, chair covers & such....they add enough color to the rooms that I don't feel like I live in a wood crate.

katlupe said...

Thank you for all the comments! I love to get ideas from others. It inspires me to be creative in my home decorating.