Thursday, March 10, 2011

First Steps In Growing And Preserving Food

Last night we had rain and wind. The nice thing is now I listen to the wind, knowing that as soon as the weather breaks, my husband will be working on adding the wind turbine to our alternative energy system. Until this is added, our system is dependent on the sun only. As the system grows, so will the use of appliances and gadgets, that will make my jobs easier and convenient. That would give me more time to garden and preserve my harvest. And that is what it is all about.

Are you starting to read about self-sufficiency now? Now it doesn't seem so silly does it? Especially if you have a family. Not only that, but in providing good quality food for your family, you are doing your part in establishing good habits for your children at the start. Since food and gas prices have risen and continue to do so, now is the time to take the first steps. More people are starting to recognize the need to provide their own food in some way.

The best way in my opinion, to getting started is by buying a package of seeds. Even if you have to plant them in a window box or planter on your porch. At least plant something. What is your favorite vegetable? Plant that. If something is too expensive at the store that you like, plant it. Do you have a flower bed? Stick a few vegetables in that bed.

Build a raised bed in a small area. Or even on a deck or a sunny porch. Start small so you can learn as you go along. Going out to cut lettuce for supper is one of my favorite jobs. Something nice about being outside to get your food. When we first moved here we were completely surrounded by woods. Our first garden here was right smack in the middle of the front lawn. Then as we worked on clearing more and more land, we had more places. But nothing worked as well as our first raised beds that my husband built to the side of our house. That used to be a berry patch.

Another area to work in is in learning how to can, dry and store your produce and meats. I learned that over time also. Now it is automatic. I can many foods not only the ones I grow. If the store or a local farmer has something on sale, I pick up as much as I can afford. Bring it home and can it. Buy a pressure canner to can non acidic foods, such as meat and vegetables. My pressure canner can be used as a water bath canner also. That is what you use for most fruits, acidic tomatoes and dairy products. Most of my jars I was able to find used. Then buy a book such as The Ball Book Of Canning. Go to work!

I hope this helps some of my readers who ask me so many questions. It is really a simple step of just doing it. Once you start, you will be asking why you didn't do it sooner. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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Annie said...

Great post again Kat, and one that I hope people really think about and start planning for a garden this year.

All your pictures of harvested veggies are making me long for Summer. I am going to plant some flower seeds under lights, this afternoon.

katlupe said...

Well sadly, my pictures aren't from this year. But soon they will be! And we will be busy working like the ants and the bees!!!

Noelle said...

I really enjoyed your posts and must admit to envy your plants! Please tell me how you keep deer away! I love them but since they inhabit our tiny island, nothing is safe! They will eat anything that is not nail down!
Good Day!