Sunday, March 06, 2011

Setting Up My Amazon Store - Homesteaders' Marketplace

Yesterday I spent most of my day setting up stores on my blog. They are from Amazon. I handpicked the products that go in each one. They are products for the homesteader. So if you are planning on shopping at Amazon please go through my links on this site. They are on the side of the blog. Where it says PRODUCTS I LIKE. Homesteaders' Marketplace. I don't make much, a few cents to a few dollars. If you have an Amazon link on your blog, let me know and I will use it next time I shop. You can't use your own link to shop and make money off yourself. Too bad! I shop at Amazon a lot. Note: I have stopped being an affiliate on Amazon due to the fact that you have to make $100.00 before being paid. And they do not pay enough for the sales you bring them.

Today we are having rain. It rained all night, as well as giving us plenty of wind. Wind is good now. Soon wind will be powering our wind turbine after we get it installed. The rain washes our snow away and into the ground (for our water table). Then the wind will dry our mud up. We always have a mud season. As much as we don't like the mud, it leads to the grass coming up. Can't wait. Though I hear that snow is in the forecast for tonight.

So we are on our way to my father-in-law's house today. He lives about 35 miles away, in the city of Johnson City, NY. He is 91 and can't drive anymore. His eyes and ears are bad. I haven't been to see him in the winter. One of us had to stay here to keep our wood stoves going since it was cold. It'll be good to see him. Have a great day wherever you are!

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Lori said...

Your Homesteaders' Marketplace is awesome. I'll be sure to check out all of your products, especially your gardening products. Maybe this will be the year that I have an awesome garden that's not eaten by squirrels and rabbits.

Hope you had fun visiting with your FIL.

Sonya said...

You inspired me and I set up a shop widget for Amazon and put on my blog just for fun! I only put a few things on it, but I guess you get money if people go through your site to Amazon? Didn't really have patience to read the whole thing about how it worked. Glad you got home safely.

katlupe said...

Well Lori, marigolds are supposed to keep out rabbits. I am not sure how well it works as we don't really have anything wild messing around our garden.

Thank you Lori and Sonya for commenting on the Amazon store. It is fun to set up and I hope it brings me some money. It is fun to make money doing something fun! Sonya, if you need any help just ask, I am more than happy to help.

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

I found your lovely site as I am looking or information on how to set up my amazon-shop sidebar. I talk a lot about books on my blog and people have asked for it. We live int eh country by my husband commutes to the University where he is a scientist and professor. Can you you help me? I went to Amazon but can't find where to begin. Thanks and God bless you.