Thursday, March 03, 2011

Wind Power Coming Soon To Peaceful Forest Homestead

Our wind turbine was delivered yesterday!

Our new wind turbine was delivered yesterday by our friendly, UPS driver. She could hardly lift the box and I can see why. My husband struggled to carry it up the driveway and into the house. It was so heavy! Good thing he was home. I could have never lifted it. In comparison, when we had our solar panels delivered, I could easily lift them. So now we wait until the weather warms up and our snow melts before we can do anything more with it. It is sitting in the box in the living room because I did not want him to carry it up the barn steps since it is so heavy.

Today is the second day of my challenge to only use the wood stoves for cooking. Made the coffee on the propane stove but have done breakfast on the wood heating stove. I now have my Bolo oven setting on top of the wood heating stove so I can do some baking. Not sure what yet. But it is a cold day and it is best to keep food cooking as a way of warming up my husband. 

As my husband studies his manual that came with our new wind turbine, I am studying websites on building and cooking with a solar cooker. I built one last year and this year I am working on improving it and cooking with it. When I get it finished and am using it I will share my information with my readers here.

Have a great homesteading day & stay warm!

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Fiddler's Green said...

What kind of turbine did you get? I used a 48V Southwest Air X on the sailboat I lived on for the last two years. I'm putting it up out at the farm this summer. It wasn't very windy out on the Chesapeake Bay so I never got a chance to see it work to its potential. It's always windy in ND so I'm excited to see what it can really do.
Hopefully you can get it up high enough so all your trees won't be a factor. Have fun with it!

Carolyn Renee said...

Oh, how I wish we had out wood cook stove hooked up. We have no place for it in the house so we're going to build an outdoor kitchen (hopefully this spring) and put it in there.
Keep up the wood stove cook'n!

Annie said...

How exciting Kat, I am looking forward to reading all about it. I hope you will post some of the info over on the Journey as well!

that's life! said...

Ohh! You *must* let us know how the wind turbine works out! It's something we'll be looking into as well!

katlupe said...

Fiddler, the turbine is the Windmax HY400 500 watt 5 blade. I have posted a link to the one we bought on my Solar Baby blog to Amazon where we purchased it.

Carolyn Renee, I love the wood stove for cooking!

Annie, I certainly will be sure to post photos and info on The Journey!