Sunday, March 20, 2011

More Power More Electric Gadgets

As my husband is doing research while he is putting together the rest of our independent energy system for our homestead, I cannot help but to get excited. By adding the wind turbine to our solar array, we will have more power than ever. Even at night or in the dark days of winter. Another thing this means is that we will be able to use tools and gadgets that up to now, were not even considered.

Tools like a circular saw for my husband. He never could use one with our small system.

A crock pot for me. Now that has been the one appliance I have missed terribly. I loved mine and I had two. That will be the first thing I plan on adding.

A bread machine. I had one but gave it to my sister-in-law. I couldn't really use it before. Now I can find one that is very energy efficient and will be able to use it. The thing is that when the wind turbine is bringing in power, it will dump it if you don't use it. That is so you don't overcharge the batteries. I plan on using that power! Maybe by making bread!

In the past, I had one of those portable convection ovens and would like to get another one. I loved cooking with it.  But we could not use anything like that when we were first starting out here. Now with more power, I can use that. And the thing about these is that they use 80% less power.

I won't be buying silly, gadgets but a good coffee percolator will be a nice addition. Electric gadgets and appliances that do not waste energy. I will have to think about it and see what I feel like I want.

Using your power wisely is essential, even when you are increasing your energy. That way you are not wasting any of it. And that is how we plan on living.

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