Saturday, March 12, 2011

Start Preparing Now!

A Forest Gives You Food & Medicine!

Putting together a preparedness kit takes time and money. If you are doing it yourself, plan on it taking awhile. You can buy them already made. The reason I like to do my own is because each person or family is individual and nobody else will know what me or my family needs. Depending on the government or their agency, FEMA to take care of you and your family is not the way to survive any emergency. Plan now! I can't stress this enough. Are You Prepared For Your Next Emergency? 

Here is a list I put together of things that would be handy to have on hand in case of emergencies.

  • Water boxes - these can be taken with you so are easy to pack.
  • High Calorie Food Bars
  • Tube Tent
  • Emergency Sleeping Bag
  • Emergency Poncho
  • Whistle
  • Waterproof Matches
  • 100 Hour Candles
  • Multi-Purpose Tool
  • Toilet Paper
  • Hand & Body Warmers
  • Basic First Aid Booklet
  • Wind Up Flashlight
  • Light sticks
  • AM/FM wind up/solar Radio
  • Sunscreen Wipes
  • Bug Repellent
  • Canned Heat Stove
  • Canned Heat Extras
  • Potable Water Tablets
  • Hygiene Kits
  • First Aid Kit
  • Scissors
  • Jack knife
  • Fire Starter
  • MREs
  • Potassium Iodide Tablets
  • Extra Clothes
  • Extra Socks
  • Respirator/Surgical Mask
  • Box of Vinyl Gloves
  • Katadyn Micropur Purification Tablets
  • Colloidal Silver
  • Emergency Sports Bottle Filter
  • Water Purifier System - Portable one
  • Lighters
  • Handkerchiefs 
  • Tri-Foldable Shovel
  • Backpacks
  • Mess Kits
You should also have a smaller type of kit in your vehicle for each family member. On second thought have one in each of your vehicles for each person. And one for your pets. As bad as I don't like MRE's they are the easiest type of food to pack if you have to travel. Plus you can leave them in your bags till you need them. They last for years and years. Maybe forever. In a pinch, they are food.

Our Solar Shower, Heated By The Sun!

If your emergency is just something like being without electric, there are many ways you can prepare your home so in the future if that happens it won't be such a hardship. One of the first things to do is to fill safe food grade containers with drinking water. Plenty of it! That is one of the easiest things that everybody can do right now. As soon as I have my root cellar back together and organized, I will be keeping gallons of water down there. Even though I have a pitcher pump out front that supplies the water to my house. It won't be down if anything happens to the power grid. But I like to stay prepared in case something happened to my well or to my pump. 

No Electric Needed!

In January, I wrote about this very subject in the post, Basic Needs For Anyone Wherever You Live. But just thought I'd touch on this subject again in light of the disaster in Japan. The truth is that no matter how prepared you are, in that situation, those people did not have time to react to the emergency. It was in a split second. So what I am thinking is that you need a BOB (Bug Out Bag, as it is called in the survivalist world) that is another area near your home. Somewhere hidden, so you can get to it later. An extra bag. 

Please think about preparing now before it is too late. Remember what you  do now, today. can save your own loved ones in an emergency!

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Paula & Skip said...

Kat, I am getting there! With filling up the boards I started to make a inventory list to. Now I am looking for these 100h candles - great invention.
On top I have food for 3 weeks according to my meal plans.
Now I am on my little patio garden. Well mostly lettuce, sweet onions and herbs. As there is not so much space and not so much sun, we decided to go and pick our strawberries, blueberries and tomatoes ourselves. Thanks to you I am not so afraid of jar making and canning!