Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kauai Is More Than A Pretty Place

Photo Source: Florence Lilly

 In light of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and resulting in severe tsunami warnings in Hawaii, you would think nobody would want to continue living on those islands. Yet the residents of the islands of Hawaii, and most likely all islands everywhere, probably never consider living anywhere else. I know as I lived in FL though some very severe hurricanes back in the sixties. The good outweighs the bad, especially since the bad is only a very short period compared with the long period of tropical paradises.

Photo Source: Florence Lilly

We are probably all familiar with the popular islands of Hawaii and Maui. There are 137 total in the Hawaiian island chain and Midway Islands. Some are not inhabited, as they are too small or really just reefs or islets. One that I keep coming across as sounding like the perfect place to settle down on, is Kauai, The Garden Isle.

Kauai is an island with a rich history that goes back to the fourth or fifth century. I know we tend to think of the Hawaiian Islands as being new, since it is one of the newest states. But it had its own history, long before it was discovered by Captain James Cook on his way to Alaska. Geologically Kauai is the oldest of the main islands.

Photo Source: Florence Lilly

If I was going to move to Hawaii, it would have to be to this island. The beauty of Kauai speaks for itself. But it is more than just a pretty face. Tourism is the main source of their economy. In the past, sugar plantations were Kauai's most important industry. Now their land is used mostly for ranching. Gay & Robinson is the only remaining sugar operation which has been in business for over 118 years. They are planning on changing over to a being a manufacturer of sugar cane ethanol. By doing that they should be able to benefit the local economy.

I hope you have the chance to visit Hawaii and maybe consider Kauai as your designation of visit or to live. Aloha! 

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Annie said...

I agree with you Kaui is so beautiful. I was there in the early'90's. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous. Anyone going to Hawaii should take a side trip to Kaui