Friday, June 24, 2011

My Forest Homestead In Summer

 I love the color green!

We have been getting thunderstorms daily for the past week. Our garden will never need watering if this keeps up. I am not complaining! It makes my job easier to not have to carry water to each of the raised beds. I do not have the luxury of using a hose and turning on the water....yet! Within this next year, I hope.

 A volunteer plant in the compost pile!

The garden is coming along. The green and wax beans have been attacked by the slugs but I have been picking them off in the morning. So now they aren't so bad. They will turn out okay. They usually do. The winter squash look really good and already have blossoms on.

 How lucky! Look what I found! Mullein!

I even found a volunteer cherry tomato coming up. These tomatoes I planted over five years ago here and every year since, they come up in different places. They are heirlooms from Johnny's Seeds called Matt's Cherry Tomato, I think. And they just come up automatically. Last year we had a bumper crop. They are not bothered by the Late Blight, it seems.

Wild Grape Vines

A few days ago, I started seeds for cucumbers and summer squash since none of them have come up. I figure if they don't peek out soon, I will have some back ups. If they do, I will just have more! Even the wild grapes, or fox grapes as they are known around here seem to growing good. But if I get any from it is another question, as the birds and the bees usually get them before I do!

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