Monday, June 20, 2011

Saving Money On Food

 Growing salad greens is so easy!

It is so strange the way everyone wants to use coupons and rebates for food in the store. Couponing is big I guess. I used to do it many years ago. It took a lot of time cutting the coupons and saving labels for the rebates. I did pretty good on it back then. I have found the best way to save money though, is not by couponing and rebates. It is by purchasing in bulk, growing a garden and cooking from scratch. Not only is it easier once you get started, it is healthier.

 Maines' truck

I buy in bulk from a local restaurant supply store, Mainsesource. Since their food is restaurant quality, it has to be good. Restaurants would not stay in business very long if their food was of low quality. I can tell by the ground Angus beef I buy there for our hamburger. It does not have much grease and doesn't cook up real small. What a disappointment, to make burgers and take them out of the oven, and they are the size of a small cookie!

 My son holding rolls of Angus ground beef

I bring the meat home and can it. It is easy for me to do and I can store it forever that way. I use it in casseroles that way. You can make the ground beef into patties or what some call "hamburger rocks" to can. It is a matter of it fitting in the jars. However you want to do it. I find it a pretty easy job, even though I brown the beef in the oven before I can it. It can be raw canned. Follow the directions in your canning book.

Canned ground beef and chicken breast chunks

Chicken, beef roasts, turkey breast and sausage are all meats that I can on a regular basis. You just have to make sure when you put the lids on your jars that you really wipe that grease off. That is the number one reason why a jar will not seal properly. I find if I make sure there is no grease on the rim or the lid they will seal fine. If you have any leftover liquid from canning, can that for broth. It is great for gravy and soups. Don't forget to make a list of all the meals you can make from each type of food you can. That should give you the incentive to get started! Good luck!

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