Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Saving The Wild Critters From Our Cats

Chippy, the chipmunk

This little chipmunk lives in our rock pile along the side of our raised beds. It is a shaded area and really pretty. All the rocks give little critters like this places to live that are safe. The rocks don't move and protect them from the elements outside. Before living here, I always thought chipmunks lived in trees.

Chippy's home area

We have been putting rocks here ever since we moved here so the pile has grown over the years. If one of us need a rock for some purpose, we can go pick one up pretty easily. My husband has done a lot of digging work and this has given us a huge amount of rocks and stones. They can be used for many things. It is handy having them available when you need some.

The rock piles

I have noticed my cats, especially Patches and Hobo stake out this area. Now I know why. We found one dead chipmunk in the backyard so far. Yesterday I managed to save this little one, that I now call Chippy. Hobo had him in her mouth and was on her way to torture him. But I made her drop him. He laid in my hand and looked right into my eyes. Pretty soon his heart beat slowed down, and he felt safe. Then we were able to let him go again.

Places for little critters to live.

I saved him so far. The cats are outside all the time, hunting and killing, as cats do. It is their nature and nothing you can do to stop it. I keep my eyes on this area now. It is tough for these little critters when you have cats patrolling the area, ready to pounce on whatever moves. I wish they would just stick to mice and moles.

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All Photographs Copyright © 2011 Kathleen G. Lupole

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