Thursday, June 09, 2011

Self-Sufficiency Means Never Giving Up

Garden area in backyard

Do you ever feel like you are the hamster on the spinning wheel? You keep doing things to try to get ahead and then other things prevent that from happening. I planned to plant the biggest garden ever to make up for the prices in the stores, then it doesn't rain. Yet, we had so much rain before the garden was in, that I thought I'd never get it in. Now it is so dry that I need the rain to make it grow.

Path covering the drain to our raised bed.

So many things are like that in life. That is why you can't ever get ahead. In fact, I don't think there is any such thing as being ahead in this life. It is a struggle every single day. Some days are worse than others. Some days it feels like there is no hope.

Blackberry Bushes in Blossoms!

In my past, I always felt that I was a survivor. I would figure I could always get a job to cover whatever I needed to do. Since I turned fifty though, my life changed. Nobody would hire me even though I am very knowledgeable in many areas. Now, I know I cannot work an outside job. My health will not allow it. So every day, I work and work on the computer hoping for success. Sometimes, I just want to give up. But I guess that survivor attitude always prevails. I keep trudging along.

Fox Grape Vine

  • So I am working on my garden, going to add more seeds in a day or so. Next time it rains. Putting more containers out as I can water them easily. 
  • Working on my business files. 
  • Working on my house. 
  • And especially trying to work on promoting my three websites, my blogs and my two Bonanza booths. Need to work on all of that. 
  • And I have some details to work on for my son. 

Tired just looking at that list!  What about you? What do you do when things are tough? Whatever you do or whatever you go through, do not give up! Somehow, it seems we do get through these bad times. It just takes time!

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