Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Buying A Washing Machine

 Laundry Day at Peaceful Forest!

Buying a brand new washing machine is always something to look forward to. Not that you want to spend the money, but that you like getting that new machine. Especially if your old one is giving you a hard time. So you really want to get a good deal, but you also want the best washing machine possible for the money. One way to do it is to do what I did...........compare them online. Read about each brand and each model. Look for the models that offer the functions that are important to you.

 Whirlpool Cabrio

Since we generate our own electricity using solar panels, we had to find the most energy efficient model we could. It had to be an Energy Star model. The one we settled on was Whirlpool's Cabrio washing machine. It was the most energy efficient top loader model, available at that time. The machine we bought uses about the same amount of power as our laptop computers.

 Sure beats going to the laundromat!

The things I looked for were available in this model. It may not be the one you are looking for. I like top loaders as it is easier on me instead of bending down. My knees aren't so great and bending seems to aggravate them. So I searched online for my washing machine, and was able to look at all the different brands and models, before settling on one. You can also search for a dryer as well, I don't have one so didn't do that search. Shopping this way makes it so you don't have to "settle" for what the local store carries. You know what I mean?

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