Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Garden Did Great This Year!

One of our harvests!

I love bringing in my daily harvest! Such a good garden year for us. I have canned 73 quarts of yellow squash. And that does not count all the squash casseroles and plain squash we ate for meals. It was certainly plentiful this year. Green and wax beans did very well also. I forget how many quarts of them I canned. I have a pantry full of them though. It does my heart good to see all that food in there, knowing winter is on the way.

Cucumber Plant in front

Cucumbers too! As you can see the cucumbers were doing well too. I hate buying cucumbers from the store, and in recent years was forced to, as my plants just would not come up. This new cucumber plant we grew this year was the best. I will grow it from now on. It did get a late start, but next year I will get it in sooner.

More plants in various places.........

Today, I started pulling up some of the plants. The squash plants still have blossoms, but the squash that comes on them is not making it. They have produced well, but their time is over. Sad to see, but they don't look so great now. I am eager to pull them up and put the garden to bed for the winter.

 Fall is coming

So how did your garden do this year? Hope it was a good year for you also. I am still canning foods though, and what I don't grow or raise, I buy. That is the type of food we like. Winter is tough here, but it means we have natural refrigeration. So some things are easier, and some things are harder. Just praying that it is not too tough.

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Paula said...

Its hard to believe that we are in contact for more than one year already! I am glad to read that you feel more optimistic about your foot supply this year! Lots happened since we met first. Virtually spoken. Lots of love to you.