Friday, September 23, 2011

Flooding In Upstate New York

 The Susquehanna at a nicer time!

Self-reliance is never more apparent to me than when natural disasters happen. In my area, of upstate New York, this month, we had tropical storm, Lee hit. With the relentless downpour of rain, the rivers were quickly at flood levels and beyond.  The areas anywhere near the Susquehanna River and Chenango River, and all the creeks, flooded beyond anything I have ever seen in my lifetime around here.

Third Avenue in Twin Orchards

Many people have lost their homes. Or they have to rebuild their homes. Many are tearing out the walls, and trying to repair damage that is not covered by their insurance, because they were not in a flood zone. One area of Vestal, NY, Twin Orchards, is an area I lived in many years ago. The house we lived in has appeared in pictures completely surrounded by water. Makes me sad to to see that, as it was a wonderful house. All the houses on the same street and surrounding area, were so bad that it was days before the residents were even allowed to go back to see their homes. To see if they even had homes! So heartbreaking!

 I read in the paper how one young couple in that area had just finished renovating their kitchen. You know how excited you are when you do something like that? They had no flood insurance due to the fact that in 2006, there was major flooding here too. But they said it wouldn't happen again for 100 years. Something to do with the hundred year flood plan. So some people didn't feel they needed it immediately. Hurricane Irene didn't do this much damage when it came through our area.

The Chenango River

Now people are trying to clean up. The mold is very dangerous. Various clinics are offering free Tetanus shots for anyone working in these areas. It can be deadly, and especially for anyone with lung problems. One of the reasons this is so bad is that everything flooded. Fuel tanks, hazardous materials that were stored in houses, garages, vehicles, businesses, and sewage, and all that has gone into the flood water. It stinks! And it makes many people sick to smell it. Many people from other areas have come to help residents. They can't do this alone. Many are elderly, many are young couples who don't know how to do this themselves. And what about the children? Their schools were flooded too.

Most of the residents who had flooding have lost most of what was in their basements. Which is, of course, their furnace, washers and dryers, and whatever they had stored down there. Then people who had worst flooding lost everything on the first floor also. Some people were lucky enough to move some of their stuff to the top floor if they lived in a two story house.

 Home Depot was completely flooded!

Not only are homes effected by this flood, but businesses also. Some have decided not to rebuild and are leaving the area. Taking with them the jobs that are needed so desperately at this time by many triple cities residents. Some of these were in business for over thirty years or more. They have had enough!

According to WBNG-TV, "Miller Farms in Windsor is just one of the many farms devastated by flooding in Broome County. " They had 65 acres of their corn crop destroyed and their insurance will pay for only half of that amount. That is what they feed their livestock with. Mr. Miller had to buy $75,000 worth of corn feed to replace it. Also the fourth cutting of hay was lost due to the water standing in the fields. So this will effect not only the cows' feed, but our food also.

To read more go to: Flooding Ruins Crop For Farms.

Binghamton, NY

So I have been busy getting together a box of clothing to take to one of the donation points. Most of these people have lost everything. Owego, NY has been devastated as well. It is struggling to get back to normal. Normal? I don't think it will ever be normal again.

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