Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Our Horses Live A Pretty Peaceful Life

 They come out to eat their hay!

Most of the summer our horses have stayed in the barn. They have the option of going in and out on their own. Summer has never been their favorite season. I can go in and sit on the bench next to them and watch them sleep. That seems to be what animals do most of the summer.

 Georgie Girl Was Banned From The Fingerlakes Track!

The funny thing about these girls is that they really would rather stay in their barn all day and only come out at night. They come out and eat hay, grazing from pile to pile. My husband puts it out, and spreads it around in various piles, so that no one horse can hog it all. And they will! They lay down a lot out in the paddock during the night and early morning hours. That is what they do.

Dark Shadow, my husband's horse

Their life is pretty peaceful as far as a most horses'  lives go. They get to do pretty much what they want. In the winter, they really love the snow. After a snow fall, we will get up in the morning and they will be up and out in the fresh snow. They like to eat it and lay on it. So winter for them is no big hardship. At least not for them!

 Tawny hoping for hay!

Summer means bugs, and that is why they stay inside. Even though the bugs are in the barn too. Not as bad I guess. Our paddock has grown larger over the years, as we cleared it. The only thing is, that as our girls are getting older, so they are not quite as spirited as they once were. I can remember Dark Shadow running all around the paddock in a circle pretty often. Or the way she'd try to get Georgie to play with her by rearing up. Not as much anymore. I guess we are all aging around here! Even our mares!

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All Photographs Copyright © 2011  Kathleen G. Lupole

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