Thursday, September 08, 2011

Raging Waters Around Us

 High Bridge Over Ludlow Creek

The last few days our area has been getting a lot of rain. It is a lot worse than Hurricane Irene did when she came through NY state. All I heard last night was the steady pouring of the rain. Hard pouring. I like a gentle rain. But this was anything but gentle. Constant.

Stressful night out in the rain all night!

At night my husband usually gives our horses their "night hay," which is their hay to eat during the night. They will usually have enough to eat most of the night. Last night because it was pouring so hard, he didn't give it all to them. He said he'd get up during the night sometime and take more out to them. Only thing is, he didn't wake up to do so. So our poor girls had to stand up all night in that downpour, and could not go into the barn since it was flooded. Not do much more either. Today, they are very appreciative of their morning meal.

Ludlow Creek This Morning!

On each side of us are two small towns. One is Greene and the other is Oxford. Both are along the Chenango River. The road that runs through them, which is a main route and traveled heavily is Route 12. It is a truck route to the small towns and cities along the way through our state. Both towns are flooded today and even though the rain appears to have stopped, the flooding can get worse this afternoon as the river crests.

High Bridge, Ludlow Creek State Forest

Most of our roads here in Chenango County and nearby, Broome County are closed due to flooding. So we are in state of emergency here in NY today. Schools and businesses are closed. People are being evacuated from their homes. The Susquehanna River is a big river that runs through Broome and Tioga counties in our area. When we have a lot of rain, flooding becomes a very real possibility nearby. In 2006, many people lost their homes due to flooding.

Down by the creek this morning!

Our little creek becomes a raging creek after storms like this. Kind of scary seeing it this way right now.Standing high above it on the bridge, I feel safe. I can only imagine how it is for people who are being evacuated out of their homes due to raging waters. Where we live, we are pretty safe and prepared for most disasters. In truth, I did not have any idea the extent of the rain, until I turned on the computer. One of my husband's Facebook friends made a comment about it. Two people very close to me had to be evacuated, and I am praying they will be okay, and still have homes to return to. In some parts of the country, people are being evacuated due to fires, and some to flooding............praying they will all be safely returned to their homes soon.

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