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Bread Making For Modern Homesteaders

Hubby making our bread!

One job that stands out in my mind as the job that all "wanna be" homesteaders do in the beginning, many times the very first thing they learn to do is to bake their own bread from scratch. There is something about baking your own bread that makes you feel like, "Yes! I am a homesteader! I bake my own bread. From scratch!" I know for us, my husband started baking our bread while I was at work and he was home. It was great coming home to the smell of freshly baked bread!

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It isn't long after doing that when you become obsessed with wanting to grind wheat berries, to make your own flour. One job that is very satisfying because you know that your bread will be even better. It will be very fresh and excellent tasting. Of course, it helps to have a good source of wheat berries. If you are searching for it online there are many sources. I found Palouse Brand that has been owned by the Mader family for five generations. They can tell you exactly which field your wheat berries were harvested from and on what date. No middleman will touch your food. They do it all from planting it, harvesting it, trucking it, packaging it and getting it to the retailer who will ship it to you. Best of all is that it is genetically modified organism free and grown in the U.S. (state of Washington).

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If you choose to use fresh wheat berries for making your bread you will need a good quality hand mill flour mill. The reason I say hand mill is because then you can use it in a power outage. Electric grain mills are available also. It is a matter of choice. Of course, the electric one will make this job much easier. So if you aren't very strong you may need to have an electric one instead.

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One other appliance will help make your bread making a very easy job would be a  bread maker. Then all you have to do is to grind the berries, mix up your recipe in the bread machine and set it to bake. What could be easier? Maybe it is not the old fashioned bread making like your grandmother did, but this is where the term "modern homesteading" comes in. Making our jobs easier so we can spend time doing other things. What is so bad about that?

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