Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Is Here!

Daddy and his hunting dog, "Stinky."

I really have the best father. He was always a good provider. He could fix or make anything. I remember how he used to repair our toys or make us unique ones from scratch. He taught my brother how to drive at the young age of nine years old.....I am NOT kidding! He had a 49' Dodge that was left at our gas station and we had a huge field across the street from the station and he taught him how to drive around that track on the field. He also taught him to hunt at a young age and my brother still hunts today, but with black powder.

Daddy in his garden, in 1986.

My father is the one who taught me how to can for the first time. We canned grape juice and grape jam from the grapes he grew. Then he showed me how to make cucumbers too. He still makes them every year at the age of 93 years old. He keeps telling me that no one in his family lives this long. I guess he's the first one. Maybe the cycle is being broken!

My son, Jeffrey and his Grandpa, 1974.

He has always spent time with his three grandchildren as they were growing up. To this day, my son who is all grown up, calls his grandfather up just to talk several times a week. So does my niece. Staying close to him even after they are grown and away from home. My mother always said she couldn't have chosen a better husband and father for her children. She was right. 

UPDATE: Not long after this post was written, my wonderful father had a stroke in July 2012 and passed away on August 11th. Sad time for me, made doubly stressful by my niece and her boyfriend who went through my father's home and trashed it and stole items and involved my uncle who assisted them. It was a very hard time made harder by these so called family members. 

Christmas Day 2011

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there reading this today! It is the greatest job you do, being a father!!!!

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