Saturday, March 09, 2013

Logs For Cutting Into Firewood

Logging Truck arrived this morning!

Our second load of logs to cut into firewood arrived this morning. The horses seemed more interested this time than before. Probably because it was a pleasant morning and they were outside and ready for some sort of distraction.

Close up view of the sizes!

It is lucky for us, that my husband has two different sizes of chainsaws. As you can see the logs were assorted sizes. Wood is precious this year. All the loggers who sell it say they are selling out and have to get more. Since spring is right around the corner, this load should last us, right into December. Depends on the weather.

Moving to firewood spot for unloading!

Heating with wood is our only heating supply here. So running out of wood is not an option. This is the first year we have purchased firewood. The best way to purchase it is buying the logs and cutting and splitting them yourself. Yeah, its hard work, but better than paying someone else to do it for you!

Moving the logs!

The logger moves the logs quite easily with his equipment!

Ready for cutting and splitting!

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All Photographs Copyright © 2013  Kathleen G. Lupole
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