Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Autumn In New York

Here are some photos I have taken with my new camera showing the coming of fall here in upstate NY. Our trees are turning color fast as well as dropping leaves. It is a pretty time but it is also a warning that we better get prepared for winter.

Yesterday was my husband's birthday and the first day of Autumn. This is a photo of our paddock in the early morning when we were having our coffee. A cool day here in NY but not unpleasant. And not cool enough to need a woodstove fired up. We always joke that we close the stove down near my birthday in late June and start it up around his birthday. Not quite. But pretty close most years.

In fact, our winter visitors, the Conifer bugs are already back from the forest and are trying to find their way into the house to sleep for the winter. I wouldn't mind these bugs so much but would rather they find some other place to hold up for their winter sleep. I never could understand why these bugs want to live in a house anyway. Aren't they supposed to be outside? They are also known as "stink bugs" as soon as they know you are looking at them they start to stink. Sometimes we do not even know they are around but they tell on themselves with that smell and we start searching for that little stinker!

This Saturday my husband will be performing at the Kingdom F.E.S.T. in Owego, NY at the Abide In The Vine Fellowship at 1277 Taylor Road. He will be playing in the gymnasium at 3:00 PM and will be playing songs that he as written. They are really awesome....very moving. His mother would have been so proud of him and I think she will be there in spirit with him. Most of his family is musical and it came from her.

Today we will be going to my friend's new home that is only four miles from here for a birthday lunch for my husband. She is a spinner and will be bringing her horse there in October and then later her goats, sheep and rabbits. She milks the goats and makes cheese and yogurt with the milk and maybe some soap. The sheep and Angora rabbits she spins their fiber. None of her animals are for meat. And she will not sell them for meat either. It is nice to have a friend close by. She got a good deal on a huge house with a small barn and just enough land for her little flock and her Haflinger horse. Has a real nice woodstove right in the center of a large living room - kitchen area with straight pipe all the way. That's the best!

Enjoy your nice Autumn Day!

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