Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kingdom F.E.S.T. In Owego, NY

I am so proud of my husband Larry. This weekend he performed at the Kingdom F.E.S.T. in Owego, NY at the Abide In The Vine Fellowship. It was a day of worshiping our Savior, Christ Jesus through music. Many different musicians and bands took part. A group of people from our church came to hear him, as did his sister, Pat and her husband Tim. After it was over we met Pat and Tim at my father-in-law's house where Larry's brother, Ken also lives. So it was a perfect ending to a perfect day. His father is 89 and is in the process of losing his sight as well as his hearing and is not able to go to an event like that. He was very proud of him though. I believe his mother was with him in spirit. She wuld have been so proud of him and this is what she wanted for him to do. Kind of like following in her footsteps......

The weather wasn't great and that may have kept many people from attending. The children who were there had a wonderful time with the Christian Clowns who put on a very funny skit. They were dressed so colorful and really caught your eye.

I loved the Abide In The Vine Dance Team! They were awesome! The lights were turned down low and they flowed.....they danced. So graceful and peaceful........really enjoyed this. I think they must do this every Sunday at Abide In The Vine Fellowship.

Tammy Gendron did a wonderful job of putting this whole thing together. She did not do it alone, but I do not know everyone who helped her. This was the second one that has taken place. We will hopefully be part of it again next year.

We have been getting a lot of rain for the last few days here. Fall almost always brings us that cold rainy weather. Our horses hate that but are looking forward to the snow......which my husband is not. Winter is pretty tough here and many times lately we have thought of alternatives for this coming season.

Have a good homesteading day and hope your day is very blessed!


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