Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Being Stranded With No Vehicle

Truck Repairs

I haven't been writing much on my blogs because my father had a stroke and is in the hospital. Of course, it happened the same time our truck (and only vehicle) had broken down. I cannot complain about this truck. We bought it in 2006 and it is a 2003 Dodge Dakota and at that time it had less than 20,000 miles on it. We both loved it immediately! Never had one problem with it. No repairs or being stranded somewhere. Until now.............. I am lucky that I have some wonderful, giving family members. If it wasn't for my cousins, I wouldn't have been able to get to the hospital.

Vestal, NY Museum

Now the reason for our breakdown was due to the brakes line rusting and the brake fluid was spurting out. We had gone to Vestal a couple of weeks ago to see some grave sites of various family members we had been doing research on. The brake fluid light came on. So we stopped and got some and added it. It worked fine. We went to my father in law's house and came home.

Our truck carries a load of 34 bales of hay.

A couple of days later, when my husband returned with our load of hay, he had no brakes. Yikes! New York state is all hills. I kid you not! Without brakes he could not go to the auto parts store to buy anything. He had to order them online and wait, and wait.............and wait some more. Then he'd have to order something else, another part or a tool to do the job. Very difficult time for us. We lived without a vehicle for 8 months in the past, but we were better prepared. I also had a friend who took me shopping and we had a guy who would deliver hay. Our horse feed was also delivered by a local feed store. Now we were not prepared at all and had even gone through most of my supplies and preps. I know what I will doing in the next few months.......PREPPING!!!!

Our 2003 Dodge Dakota

I am happy to report that yesterday, my husband and my cousin, Gerald worked on the truck and today  he has gone to the store. Testing it. I am keeping my fingers crossed and praying it works fine. I really NEED to be at the hospital with my father. He is 93 years old and he needs his family nearby. There is a chance he will get better enough to go home, but not really counting on that happening. The thing is that he thinks at times I am my mother (I look like her), so he looks to me for everything.

My son, Jeffrey and my father.

I know his time is short now. Having a stroke is the first step in this process. I am ready only because he told me this months ago. He said nobody in his family lives this long. A few months back when his doctor tried to give him medication for his blood clot he refused it. He said he was ready to go be with my mother. And I know he means it. My hope is that he will be able to go home and die there. It is what he truly wants. Not to die in the hospital.

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Sue said...

I hope your father can go home, that would be a blessing. And, I am glad, glad that the truck is on its way to being a truck again.

Anonymous said...

I can completely understand about your father, I'll be praying for you and him. I hope he is able to be in peace, and able to go home. My grandma is 76 now and she tells me often that she is tired, and ready to be with the rest of her family in Heaven, in a way I think knowing that will someday help me when she passes.