Monday, July 16, 2012

Bush Beans Are Surviving

Bush beans surviving the heat!

The lawn is a little dried up. Big brown spots all over the place. Not like any other years that I can remember. I read some of my past blogs and I would mention from time to time about having dry conditions. I can tell you, it was NEVER like this! I suppose if I had watered my garden every evening, it'd be in better shape. But I am afraid of our well going dry, since it is a hand dug shallow well. I can't risk that, even for food. My horses drink a lot of water, we drink a lot of water and then of course, we like to take more showers in the hot weather and that doesn't count laundry and dish washing. So the garden has suffered.

These are heirloom bush green beans.

I see a lot of beans coming on these plants today. They are not big enough for picking yet. But we will be out there picking them very soon. Not sure yet if there will be enough to can or just eat fresh. My son loves them and we can go through a lot of them. During this past year, we used every jar I had canned. Usually my husband and I don't go through that many. I am hoping that I can replenish our stock this year so we have more than enough to get through the coming year. One extra person made a big difference in our stocked up food and supplies.

Lots of blossoms and beans are appearing now!

The reason I like bush beans instead of pole beans is because I don't have to fasten them up on anything. I have never been good at building the trellis or poles to connect them to. Bush beans grow easy for me and I found success with them from our first garden. Since then I have grown them every year. When I harvest them I sit on a stool or outdoor chair and move it on down the line. There is no way that I can stoop or bend to pick any longer. It works for me.

Hot and dry, but we've got beans!

I am planning on purchasing beans locally to supplement our supplies. I am positive I will not get enough to can as much as we need this year. This drought has really set us back, as well as having used more of our supplies than usual. My son will be moving into his own place within the next few weeks and then we will be using less again. I am thankful to be getting anything from these plants, and it really helped that we got rain yesterday. Thank you Lord, for the rain!

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Lisa Lynn said...

Best wishes for bountiful beans! I didn't get as many as I'd like this year :(