Thursday, April 03, 2014

Live Your Life To Be Self-Sufficient,

Religion and politics. Now everyone knows that you should not discuss either with other people, whether they are friends, family or online friends. Dangerous territory. I have been watching for few months now, how "preppers" (people who are doing what they call "prepping," which is making preparations for an emergency.) use both, to build a following and justify whatever they say or do. Most of them are just about guns and storing bulk foods. I belonged to two such groups on Facebook, and found they are not anywhere close to a homesteader.

Homesteading is what I do. It is living your life by being self-sufficient as much as possible in this crazy, rush-rush world. Prepping is mainly buying stuff to store, learning as much as you can about what you would do if something in fact, really did happen, and storing ammo and guns. They are much more political and religious (legal type religion)  than homesteaders are. They promote the fact that they don't want all these laws and yet, they are the very ones who push their beliefs and rules on everyone else. That is just like the government they say they are fighting against.

Instead of stocking up on bags of beans, rice and wheat, since we do not eat any of that, we grow a lot of vegetables and buy local meat which I can. I make soups, stews, chili and can it all up. I make a variety of main dish entrees that are canned for future meals. I do not dwell on the scare tactics of the government to get you doing what they want, because they have scared you into doing it. Instead just take one day at a time. Do what you can for your family.

If you are living your life to be self-sufficient, preparing is already part of it. It is not something you just start doing and will only use it in an emergency. You will use it every day. It will be your daily routine.Then if there is an emergency of some sort, you will have food stored, you will have a wood stove with a load of firewood, you will have food growing in your garden, you will be prepared. Nothing to get alarmed over. Just your day to day life. Not going to break out the bag of beans and rice you were saving for this occasion and discover that you hate it. Or wondering if you have enough water stored. Or trying to figure out how to start your generator that is still in the box it was bought in. Learn to homestead instead. And do it NOW!

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