Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Ideas For Writing Blogs

I think I like this Blog thing. I wonder how someone came up with this idea? It relaxes me when I am writing this out. I love to write and I could do this all day if I had the time. I always have ideas for stories, books, articles, websites, even movie scripts. One of our favorite things to do is to make a movie script and we keep it going for years. Only thing is, that we have never written a word of it down - it's just a movie we both describe together, and figure out what's going on in it, and who is going to play the different parts in it.

That's just one of the things you find to do when you don't watch television. Last week, a lady from the Nielsen ratings called and wanted me to do a survey on our television habits. She could not believe that we do not watch it and she had no idea what it meant to be "living off the grid"! She had no idea what it meant. She even said that she had never heard of that. So I had to explain to her about solar panels and what they did. I am sure she thought I was a nut!

We do have a friend who has a lot of solar panels and could be living off the grid. But they do not. Only thing is, that this person wants to, and he pretends that he is, but he's afraid to. I know a few people that talk about solar panels and living off the grid all the time, but do not and will probably never live that way. After having lived this way for six years now, I could not imagine living any other way!

When we first put the offer in on this house, at first I thought, "well, they won't accept it." And when they did, I kept thinking, "I am going to be alone at night (my husband was working nights at that time) in the middle of 4000 acres of state forest land. No neighbors! Only hunting camps on our road." But I lived through that period. And nothing got me. Now, I know, that you are safer in the woods than in the cities!

It's getting dark. I have to light my lamps. Talk to you all tomorrow.

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