Saturday, June 25, 2005

Money Makes The World Go Round Nowadays

Today is a Saturday. Most people don't have to work today. But when you are trying to make a living from home - you have to work every day. I have noticed that people in my country (maybe other countries too?) only care about money. Money is what makes the world go round. I try to live a simple lifestyle. But even our own families only care about money. People say they are "good Christians" and then talk about how much money they make, or how much money their soon-to-be son-inlaw makes. It is all that matters in today's society.

Then everyone wonders why kids are like they are now (always expecting you to buy certain brands of clothing, cell phones, internet connections, software, meals out, etc). Even the schools, now, post these BIG lists in Walmart of all the items you need to buy for your kids for school! Walmart is more than happy to let them post the lists there! Or the kids are in various activities, and they need to have certain color shirt or pants, or something for the very next day or evening.

Why do people break laws to sell drugs (because they make lots of money and can't get a job otherwise). People get desperate for money to pay bills to live, let alone for all the extras that you want. And when people don't have money, the other people make them feel inferior. Even if they are not. Anybody could have things happen that would cause them to loose all their money, or their job, or their credit cards.

Just look in your mailbox. It's full of get rich schemes. Just the other day, I received one from a Christian group, a pastor, in fact. He was promoting a clean air machine. He told how they had no money and his wife started selling this and now they were rich. I tried to call him, but got an answering machine. So I found the same company on the internet. Their website, which was big time Christian, said with just a $35. investment, you could get started. But it wasn't that way at all. When I said that I could come up with the $35., but nothing more, he brushed me off with "their business isn't for you because you need to buy the machines to sell." Aha! Another scheme. Pastor or not!

A lot of so called businesses, Christian or otherwise use the same ploy. They tell you that you will make a lot of money if you buy their information. And then they will tell you what to do to sell their information to more people like you. People like you, that have no money, but will probably put it on a credit card (that you can't afford). And then they will keep telling you how much everybody is making that follows their program. It's all hype! And no matter what anyone says, it's still just hype.

There are a lot of internet geniuses who are well known for making a lot of money. But how? They are all selling books, courses, seminars, videos, newsletters, etc. that teach you how to make money on the internet. They get a lot of followers, who like to be told what to do. And they sell their stuff to people just like themselves. So they make money off them and those people in turn have to find more people.

Makes you wonder about the people who come from other countries to the United States. They help each other, they all live together and build businesses and then in a number of years they are living the American dream. Americans don't do that (help each other). Only for a buck!

So today, I don't think I will promote anything to you as I am not always out for the buck, even though I am a American. Even though I could most definitely use a buck or two. I will just tell you to always check things out before handing over your hard earned money to someone promising to make you rich.

See you tomorrow!

Copyright © 2005  Kathleen G. Lupole
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