Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Homesteading In The Modern World

I consider myself a "homesteader", even though I am not at the point where I could say that I am a accomplished "homesteader". It has been my dream since about 1995. We have been accomplishing things little by little. It's a on going process. Finding a house was a big thing. What we had planned, was to buy land and build our own home, but to live on it in a camper or something. Instead, we found a house that was used as a deer camp since 1923. It is a wood framed house with fairly new vinyl siding, that was built in the 1850s. So we didn't need to live in a camper after all, and that was a big plus. It does need alot of work and we will do that as we can afford it. But the first thing that we are trying so hard to do, is to finish our barn.

You see, my husband was in a accident at work three years ago, and had his right elbow crushed. He worked for the local highway department and they didn't think it was necessary to fix the brakes on their road roller. My husband was new on the job, and the guy he replaced had refused to drive it. Anyway, my husband was almost killed and thought he would be. It was a dramatic ride for him backwards, down a hill, at a fast speed on a machine he had no way to stop.

He managed to steer it into a yard, where it through him off and his arm ran into a pipe that stopped the momentum of his body. Good thing, as the roller went right over him, and crushed that pipe. If the pipe hadn't stopped him, he would have been under that road roller.

But in New York state you cannot sue your employer. Nice law, huh? Protects employers from having to face the music for making employees operate faulty equipment. Now my husband is facing the fact that he may need a artifical elbow, which he does not want. And he is also suffering from Post Tramatic Stress Disorder, which sometimes can get pretty bad.

So some of our projects are on hold. And I am working on the internet trying so hard to make a living to finish some of the big things, such as the barn. I am not asking for donations or a free ride. Just for people to purchase items they would normally be purchasing from my website. I have friends that will give me money, but why won't they go to my site? I can never understand it.

 Talk to you tomorrow.

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