Sunday, July 03, 2005

Another Holiday Week-End

I hope everyone is having a nice holiday week-end. It is good weather here in New York state for all those summer time activities. I know I should be outside doing some of those things. But I usually end up working on my computer for a good share of the day. My friend has invited us up to her new house for a cook out and fishing. But I do need to get some work done. And with the price of gas, being what it is, I have to try to conserve those trips.

I have noticed that my animals seem to sleep all day when the weather is nice. I have a cat or two that goes out hunting in the woods, but I think they might spend some of that time sleeping in a cozy spot in the woods. Our horses don't leave the barn. Maybe they go out and grab a mouthful of hay and come back. But in the cool weather or even in the winter, they are outside. Our horses run and play in the snow. Our dog loves to race around in the snow. She is so content when there is snow on the ground. She lays down to chew a bone, while my husband shovels us out. The cats though, don't go out much in the winter.

Animals are like that. They know not to get hot and sweaty unless we make them do something like go for a ride. The know they bugs are outside and attracted to their sweat. So they try to control it. They hate the bugs more than we do. Course, we can come in the house but the horses can't. I guess it would be something if we could sleep all day like they do.....maybe some people do. Not us though! We are busy always doing something.

Have a great day! 

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