Monday, August 16, 2010

Physical Limitations On The Homestead

The Road To My House This Morning

The chickadees and blue jays are making their selves known now, after spending the summer out in the forest. The robins are still here, but not quite as prominent as before. I am always so sad to see them leave. One day, maybe in September we will notice they are not here anymore. Then fall will be here. I can't help to be sad to see the end of summer this year. This has been our best summer so far in 11 years of living here. Our garden is the best we have ever had and I don't want to see it end. Fall has always been my favorite season but my husband is having some physical problems and I worry about the hard winter on the horizon.

My winter squash and pumpkins in the garden are looking good. I will be canning them and probably buying more to add to them. Our apple tree this year is the best I have ever seen. The apples look good and are much bigger than usual. Usually they don't look real good and we end up feeding them to our horses. I always buy apples to supplement our pantry and can some and keep some for fresh eating. Fill your pantry as much as possible now while you can grow or buy the food fresh.

Pumpkins are growing good!

As you get older you will get many physical complaints and it is not easy to live with. My knees are so bad now that I am using  a walker in the kitchen. Outside I carry a small shovel with me but use it like a walking stick. I try to work around my physical problems. Goodness, I am only 58 and feel I shouldn't be in this bad of shape. After all, I was an avid exerciser most of my life. I belonged to a health club and also had gym in my home. Race walking and working out with weights were two of my passions. How could this happen to me?

One thing that has helped me very much is my Neuton garden cart. It is electric and I can take buckets of water or compost out to the garden or wherever. Makes it easier for me if I do not have to be asking someone to assist me. Right now I am still in the process of automating by ordering supplies online, so I don't have to try to walk around in stores like Walmart or the grocery stores. I shop at one Mennonite market, Pine Ridge and one local restaurant supply store, MainesSource, but for the most part, I'd rather buy online. No walking or driving to it.

This week-end I spent part of the day picking blackberries with my son and the other half organizing my pantry and putting away foods that I had just canned. Now I am hoping to buy beets and carrots to can, as for some reason or other,  I can't get either one to start in my garden. Canning food thankfully, is something I can do pretty easily in the kitchen by using a stool to sit on when I need to get off my legs. You just work around your physical problems because if you just decide you can't do it, then what will you and your family do when there is no food to eat in the winter? Besides, it is good for you to keep pressing on, Good for your confidence and good for your self worth.

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