Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Self Sufficiency Includes Your Job Or Business

A few miles away from us is this farm with an awesome barn!

I am writing a short post this morning because I am up very early with my husband having coffee and he is viewing videos about making generators, and I am listing more books on my favorite site, Bonanzle. The idea on this site is for everyone that sells there to also buy there. Makes sense to buy from the same people who buy from you. I look through their booths and find their prices to be excellent there depending on what you are searching for. I guess I always like to do things that are not ordinary. So most people sell on eBay or Amazon and I choose a site like Bonazle. Course, I love that name!

Having to make money on the computer is core to my homestead. As I posted yesterday, my physical problems are affecting me very much so this is the ONLY way I can have an income. I am selling books on Bonanzle and guitar strings on my websites. It is not real easy to do this and get sales. You have to keep promoting it and marketing constantly. I love working on the computer or why would I also be writing four blogs and trying to work on two books also! Crazy, I am sure comes to mind.

If you can work from home, order your supplies online and grow a garden and can your own food...........then life can be so much nicer as you are supplying most of your own needs. Most times you have to travel to and from the job, then do what someone else tells you and then run to a store and pick up something for supper. Have you ever walked all over a store trying to decide what to buy for supper? You feel like hitting your head against the meat counter! What can you buy that is quick, because you don't feel spending your whole evening in the kitchen preparing a meal that takes a lot of time. Then cleaning up, after the 15 minutes it took your family to consume it.

Working at home means you can leisurely prepare a nice meal over a whole afternoon. While in between you are back and forth at the computer listing more products, or writing another article, or working on your website. So many things are done at home in the same period you are working on generating your income. No more rush, rush. And if you get sick or hurt a leg or something, you are at home and can nurse yourself back and still be earning your income.

If you work at home what helped you make that choice? Was it from necessity? Or was it something else? What do you find is your favorite reason for staying home to earn your income? I am really interested in your opinion of this subject. I get tired of people who think if you work at home you do not work. Or that you are not earning a living and are always trying to tell you about a job they know about. Usually they are in worse shape financially than I am! I am not rich by no means, but I can pay my bills and buy what I need, and that is all I need or ask the Lord for.

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