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Coconut Is One Of Nature's Healthiest Remedies

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One of the healthiest foods grown on the earth is coconut. I know, I know.............you heard how bad coconut oil is for you. Yes, you heard that it is even dangerous and to check your ingredient labels for it. Well, all I can say is that if you heard that and believe it, you are completely wrong. It is a proven fact that it is one of the very healthiest foods you can eat for your health. Look at all the people who live in tropical climates, such as the south Pacific islands, where it is grown, who depend on it for their health daily. Besides, how can you believe what you hear in our country anymore? Look at the shape and health of our population. They keep saying that we live longer than people used to, but take a look around a really old cemetery and you might get another picture of that statement.

How come when our missionaries come in with our food and ways, those countries' health goes down hill? Maybe help them to get medical help, help them to supply solar for electric, help them to grow fresh vegetables and fruit............but please don't teach them how to prepare or cook them!

Bruce Fife, N.D. is the expert here!

Not too long ago I purchased three books written by Bruce Fife, N.D. because I was interested in recipes using coconut flour, since I eat low carbs. Coconut is a low carb food. So I thought I'd read the books about it. I had already started using low carb flour and we really liked the flavor of it. I bought the first book which was about cooking with Coconut Flour. I have been using that as well as almond meal/flour as a substitute for breadcrumbs or anything that need a grain in it. My husband is really very fussy and for him to like something means it is really good!

The GOOD fat!

I started using coconut oil in cooking and also discovered it had health benefits if you slip a teaspoon or two into your coffee or tea. I replaced all my facial, hand and body lotion with it applying it ritually every night now. Nothing is better! It is also known for many secret cures that you will discover if you read the book by Bruce Fife, The Coconut Oil Miracle.  I found it so interesting!

Whatever form you add to your diet, in your coffee or tea, by the teaspoon as a medicine, using in frying and cooking, the coconut oil is an excellent addition and you will notice a difference.When frying with it, add a little butter to prevent it from burning.  Drinking coconut milk or adding it to your recipes is another good way to use it. Remember though, when purchasing canned coconut milk, there are some that are sweetened, and some are unsweetened, so be wary of adding the one with sugar.

So much information in this little book!

There are just so many good benefits of coconut.  Mothers in tropical islands give the coconut milk to infants instead of formulas full of sugar. The people of these islands have good health and rely on the coconut as part of their daily diet. I know when our Aunt Lois was in hiding with her family in the Philippine jungle during the war, coconuts kept their family healthy. They used them for a major part of their food, and even made dishes out of the shells.

Coconut oil will be in a solid form when the weather is cooler and depending on where you store it. It will become liquid when it is warmer. It does not need any refrigeration and I just keep it in my pantry. I do not mind if it is in the solid form. You can fry your morning eggs in it and add it to your hot drinks, add it to any recipes you want. I have not noticed a huge coconut flavor in anything unless I drink it in coffee or tea.

Many common health problems can be prevented!
I have been using coconut oil on my knees for the pain as well as on my feet. I know from working in nursing homes the benefits of rubbing lotions into your skin. Coconut oil is one of the most soothing as well as nourishing things you can apply to your skin. It is used for losing weight, preventing heart disease, cancer, and  diabetes. It strengthens the immune system and beautifies the skin and hair. What more can you ask of nature? I wanted to add a link here to blogger friend, Rose at Adventures In Savings who has a post about the coconut oil too. It seems to be increasing in popularity around the blogging world!

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