Thursday, October 14, 2010

Enjoying The Fall Morning Here In Upstate NY

Enjoying a quiet fall day at Peaceful Forest.

Fall has been certainly beautiful here in New York this year. I love the cooler weather and the beautiful colors of the leaves. I remember how I hardly ever saw them when I lived in cities. Now I look at them in awe. They are incredibly crisp and colorful. Bright colors is what you get from nature. This morning has been pretty chilly and we finally took the big step and lit our big wood heating stove here in our office/living room. Can you smell that woodsmoke? Awesome isn't it?

The road looking toward our corner.

I love all the seasons equally. I cannot say I don't appreciate the winter too. It is a beautiful time as well as the summer. Winter brings much work, but if you prepare, the hardest jobs should be bringing in your firewood, picking up hay and shoveling snow. The firewood should be cut, split and stacked and waiting to be carried inside as you need more. Most barns may be able to hold the whole winter's supply of hay but our's is not. I wish we had thought to have a hay storage off the back of the barn instead of upstairs. Maybe some day we can change that. For now, we have to pick up hay twice a month.

Our backyard.

We are completely surrounded by a thick forest. So when it is windy, we hear it loudly up in the tops of the trees, but if you step outside, you don't feel it. It is like we are protected and the trees shelter us from the strong winds. They don't shelter us from the snow storms though!


I tried to walk down to the creek this morning to take some pictures but my cat, Patches insisted on following me and I don't want her down there. It is hunting season for small game and coyotes here in NY right now. Hunters are all over and I do not want her getting hit when they drive by as they drive really fast. We are used to it being pretty quiet here until hunting season starts. Then there is more traffic and you hear gunshots almost daily. Most of the places around here are hunting camps and the people come up around this time of year. After the last of the deer season though, it will get very quiet and you will go many days where the only one who drives by is our mail carrier. Hope you are enjoying your change of seasons as much as we are!

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All Photographs Copyright © 2010  Kathleen G. Lupole

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