Thursday, October 28, 2010

International Children's Bible Review

 I was sent a free copy of the International Children's Bible, and am reviewing it for Thomas Nelson as a part of the Book Sneeze program. I chose this book to review as my first review for them because I was already searching for a Bible that would appeal to someone who is has an elementary age reading level. This book appears to be about a third grade reading level and that is what I needed. For anyone who has a low reading comprehension the Bible is nearly impossible for them to read, let alone understand.

This copy of the International Children's Bible has graphics through out that will make it more inviting to someone who doesn't usually leaf through a Bible to begin with. I have someone in my life who recently started reading a New Testament I got that was in a comic book form. It was not a funny Bible or making a joke of the Bible, it was true to the Bible, but more inviting to a person who hadn't ever read one before. He read the whole thing and told me about what he read. I was impressed!

So I looked for a copy of the Bible that would appeal to him that would be more than the New Testament only, the whole Bible, and give him a better idea of it. When I saw this International Children's Bible, I knew it was for him! So even though he is an adult, but an adult with disabilities, he is able to read it through himself and actually comprehend it.

I especially liked these features in the back of the International Children's Bible:

  1. Dictionary - easy to read and understand meanings for words through out the Bible.
  2. Where Do I Find It? - Shortcuts to the verses of popular topics and/or people.
  3. What God Promises About.... - Where to find verses of God's promises.
  4. Memory Verses For My Life - Verses that you may want to remember.
  5. Beautiful graphics through-out.
  6. Footnotes that are easy to understand explaining Bible names, customs and phrases.
  7. Colorful maps inviting you to look for cities and lands as you read about them.

In compliance with the FDA Disclosure which is posted on this blog to the right I am letting all readers to my blog know that I am following their rule by this statement. As I said above, I was given this International Children's Bible for free to provide a review of it here on my blog. I was not told anything about it and actually, I was even allowed to choose what book I wanted to review. I have written a completely honest opinion on it and hope you have found it helpful if you were looking for a Bible for a child or an adult with a reading disability. I will not receive any more compensation for this post. If you buy one, I will not receive any payment from Book Sneeze or Thomas Nelson Publishing.

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