Saturday, October 30, 2010

Memories Of My Life - Chapter Three - Visiting Graceland


When my husband and I were out on the road while he was driving the over-the-road truck, we had the opportunity to spend a couple of days in Memphis, TN. Now when you mention Memphis, what is the first thing you think of? Why with my husband being a musician himself, we thought of ELVIS PRESLEY, of course! So we studied the map and found the directions to Graceland, his famous home.

Horses in Elvis's pasture.

Seeing as we are horse people, we really loved the look of this beautiful pasture. It was one part of Graceland that seemed so peaceful as not many other people seemed to be looking at the horses. I wish we could have a fence like this for our girls, but they would have to have vinyl fence as they would eat the wood fence. It was like in the middle of this city, there was this little oasis of country and elegance.

Christmas At Graceland!

I was surprised at the fact that Graceland was not as huge and gaudy as I had heard and imagined. In fact, I did not think it was all that big at all. It was nicely done, even though I had read all the critic reviews of it and how it looked like a brothel. I don't agree with that opinion at all. I felt it was a classy house, and not at all what we expected of someone like Elvis Presley. I mean I pictured him in a huge mansion that rippled with "I got money". Not at all. We were there at Christmas time in 1996, and it was decorated with Christmas trees and lights through out and outside.

Presley Graves In The Mediation Garden

In the Mediation garden, which is the final resting place of Elvis, his parents, Vernon and Gladys Presley, and his grandmother. There is a small stone memorial to his twin brother, Jesse Garon, who died at birth. It was a very serene setting with the exception of all the tourist snapping photos of the grave site. 

Elvis Aaron Presley 01/08/35-08/16/1977

After viewing the graves we went to see the Airplane, the Lisa Marie, named after his daughter. Then we viewed the Elvis Presley Automobile Museum which was pretty nice too. We saw all his gold records, his clothes and all sorts of memorabilia in the various exhibits. Inside, outside, all over, you would hear his music playing constantly. I loved that! It was a fun place to visit and we were lucky enough to be there on a day that wasn't over crowded or anything.

Couldn't you picture Elvis zooming down the road in this???

It was an interesting day and I would recommend to visit Graceland if you ever get the chance. After all, Elvis was an icon in a time when rock music was changing. He had charisma that made everyone love him, young women, old women, men, children, mothers, grandmothers. He was special, and his home being opened to the public testifies to that fact. I will never forget this trip, and am glad my husband thought it would a good way to spend an otherwise boring day in the truck stop. 

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