Friday, October 01, 2010

Thinking Of Shopping At Alice.Com?

My order from arrived yesterday!

Tuesday of this week I placed an order at for some of our household products. It arrived yesterday, Thursday, only two days later! I am so pleased with their service. It was easy to place the order, as their website is easy to use. Then the fact that it arrived very quickly was a BIG plus in my book! I had written in an earlier post, The Automating Process On Our Homestead, about the fact that I am trying to automate our life and homestead. This is one of the most important factors......purchasing our supplies. I am not receiving ANY sort of payment or products for writing this post about I am just a VERY happy customer!

For me, walking through Walmart has become a nightmare. It is too big for me to buy my cat food and dog treats in one end, and then walk all the way to the far corner for dairy products. Now I will be ordering everything I possibly can online. is just the beginning. Following my low carb diet has improved my walking ability tremendously, but I don't think walking through a huge store is worth it. I would rather walk in my forest, in my horses' paddock or down to our little creek.

Opened the box!
Our order arrived yesterday in the pouring rain, delivered by UPS. How nice I didn't have to drive in the rain to the store! I opened the box to find all our products neatly packed and very secure. They used the recycled film plastic things that cushioned our order in the box for protection. Nothing was damaged or leaking. I was very happy with the order.

Some of our supplies.

Now you may be wondering why I would order our paper products online? Well, I only use the Select-A-Size paper towels made by Bounty. We also use Cottonelle toilet tissue and I will not change to another brand. I cannot get them all the time. I would look in Walmart, and then at our local Dollar General or Price Chopper occasionally. But can't always find them. Price Chopper usually will have them, but it is way to crowded for me..........and another of those mammoth stores.

Nikita's dog food!
It seems that if I use something, everyone else must buy it up, or the stores don't order enough of it. I have three cats who are older, one has no teeth (not my fault, she was a stray) and one who has that "tortie attitude" and they only eat ground (or now called......pate), and I cannot always find it. My dog hates dog food anyway, but will eat Pedigree's ground food only. She hates chunks or any kind of gravy. Nothing wrong with her teeth at 12 years old, she loves raw meat and bones. So I was able to find the dog food there. I am still hoping for the brand of pate cat food at that we use.

Liquid products traveled well!
The liquid products such as my son's Old Spice body wash, my Dawn detergent and Ivory liquid soap were bagged up in a large zip loc bag. The caps were tapped down securely with a heavy duty shipping tape. I felt my order was packaged up by someone who cared that it made it to my house safely and securely. 

The box says it all!
Another feature on is that your products will stay in your account. Then when you shop again, they will all come up in your "My products" area which is your shopping list. You then add whatever product to your shopping list or cart for that order. You don't have to search their site for those products ever again. I will be setting up the automating of my products as I see how long it takes for me to use these products. You can set it so that when you need to reorder something, they will send you a reminder that it is time to reorder. I love it and look forward to them adding more and more products! 

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