Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We Had A Plentiful Harvest In 2010!

Pumpkins in the garden.

I have had a nicer than usual fall here in upstate New York. Our summer too, was awesome! No complaints here. Our garden did pretty good this year. I think we only had to water it once or twice. Of course, when my husband cleans the horses' water buckets in the morning, he dumps any leftover dirty water on one of the raised beds that is fairly close to the barn. We try not to waste any water if we can help it.

Cherry tomatoes from "volunteer plants" in my garden.

This morning as my husband and son bring in more firewood, I am reflecting on the changing of seasons, and how much I will miss my garden of 2010. I can't help it, I get attached to my plants and feel bad when I pull up each one. Especially the ones I started in my house in March. They were my babies, and this year they really flourished. I got a head start on the season by starting many plants that I usually don't start inside, such as my squash and pumpkins.

Kale, which is still growing despite cold weather and frost!

Cherry tomatoes, kale, different varieties of lettuce and greens, green beans, hot peppers, bell peppers, zucchini, yellow summer squash, butternut squash, pale grey hopi squash, lemon balm, chives, dandelions, mint, blackberries, apples, elderberries, oregano, pumpkins and rhubarb, all grew in our garden and around our homestead this year. There were some things that didn't do well and some, like cucumbers that I could not get to grow for the life of me! Usually, an easy plant to grow.

Hopi Pale Grey Squash! 

Most of our food, I can for our winter foods. Next week I will be canning up the winter squash, hopefully some chili and stew and maybe some chicken soup. I try to plan ahead by having vegetables, meat, fruits and chicken or beef stock canned. But then I also like what I call "fast food", which is homemade chili, stews, soups, and some other dishes as well as sauces, for things like spaghetti or lasagna. What about you? Do you have some homemade foods you like to can for your "fast food" meals? Share them in my comments section, as I like to get new ideas from others.

Getting green beans ready for canning.

Food is so expensive this year in our stores, I don't see how anyone can afford to eat anymore. I see plenty of cars in the parking lots at the restaurants and movie theaters and wonder how they do it. We do not live extravagantly by any means, and that works in our favor many times. I know the American government likes to tell us, that there has not been a cost of living increase in our country for the last two years. That just shows you how much our government workers know! Where do they live? I'd like to shop in their stores. Of course, New York state is not a cheap state to live in, but it has never been this bad! So keep working on your own food supply, and hopefully you can become more self-sufficient, and rely on yourself most of all. 

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All Photographs Copyright © 2010  Kathleen G. Lupole

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