Thursday, December 09, 2010

Cold Weather Is NOT Welcome!

Patches is depressed during winter

With the Christmas holidays coming up here, we have been pretty busy. With guitar string orders, major snowfall and freezing cold temperatures, things are not too great here at the moment. I figure we have at least three and a half months of this to put up with. Then it could be more if March stays cold and windy...........and snowy. We have been known to have winter right through April. But I won't think about that for the time being.

About 12 degrees at 8:30 AM this  morning....Brrrr!

I guess I realized before I got up that it was going to be a cold day. I felt cold in bed and I hardly ever feel that way under my 2 heavy afghans and blankets. So it was a sign of what was to come. It must have been a lot colder then, as I find 4:00 AM to be the coldest part of the day. I call it the "cold time". 

Not too bright out this morning!

Snow is pretty, but it is a lot of work and a lot of money. Sometimes I think we are in the wrong place at this time of our life. I know my husband is getting burned out on it and wants to just take a break. He has not had one break since we moved here. I don't know if it is I, who keeps him in it, but I think so. Sometimes change is good for a person, or a couple. Especially as you get older. It is something I have to think about. 

Have a great day and hope you are not too cold wherever you are. God bless you all!

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