Monday, May 16, 2011

Busy Time Here At Peaceful Forest!

One spring morning recently with Hobo

I have been very busy the last couple of weeks as we are building a new website. This one is not specialized like Larry Gene Music and String Baby. Our new one is Lupe Shop and will be completely different. It will have a variety of products for the home and garden. For sports minded people also. I love working on it! I have been working on it daily and I am pleased with the way it looks.

The same morning with Patches

In between working on that and writing my blogs, I have been trying to get some gardening chores done in between. This morning I pulled some weeds even though it was raining. When I pull up some weeds that I know my horses like, like dandelions and clover, I put them in a separate pile. Then when I have bigger pile I carry that to the girls. Dirt and all! I am not kidding, they will eat it all very eagerly and then wipe the dirt off on the ground.

Lettuce and salad greens, herbs are planted in this bed.

My lettuce beds though, do have some plants coming up. So this week I am hoping to get at least some of my new plants out in the ground. My husband will bring compost and fill one of the beds and I will put the plants in. We will do it like that as we can. With it raining it is easier to weed them, then add the compost. Then plant.

Good luck with your garden in this rainy weather! I hope your garden is coming along, especially with the price of food in the stores. Yikes!

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