Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Getting Our Garden Planted

Rebuilding the second bed.  

Since I loved the first raised bed after my husband rebuilt it, he did another one since he still had some lumber left. It hardly took him any time at all. They are easier to plant in since they are 4" higher than the old ones.

Most of these are planted now!  

The first two beds have green beans, the next two have wax beans and the other beds have a variety of squashes, cucumbers and some other plants. It looks like a big garden for two people, I know. I can everything and we eat it over time. I like knowing we have food to eat in the future. That way if you have a bad year for one or two vegetables you will have it in your pantry from the years before. It seems to balance out this way. Two years of having the tomatoes destroyed by the dreaded Late Blight, but used my last jar of canned tomatoes a couple weeks ago.

Green beans already coming up!

Imagine my joy this morning when I saw my first bed of green bean plants already showing their faces! These are bush beans, not pole beans. Pole beans need supports and at this time it is just easier for me not having to worry about that. We had so much rain that I was concerned that my seeds would rot. Not worried now! We are getting plenty of sunshine for the moment.

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