Sunday, May 22, 2011

Growing Something!

I realize now, after all these years of being as self-sufficient as I possibly can, that I could have lived this way wherever I lived in the past. You do not have to wait to start living a "modern homesteading" life until you live in the country. Or have bought your piece of land. You REALLY can do it anywhere.

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Back in those days, I would have had the money to do more of what I want to do now. If all you do is plan and read books, you may have wasted much of your time waiting. If it is what you desire, you need to start now. Start by reading, but by doing also.

Lettuce and salad greens on the deck.

A small garden even if it only some containers on your deck or in your yard is a good start. If you already do that, add more so you can harvest some food for the winter.

Canned Chicken and Beef

When you go to the store, stock up on items you use a lot. If you can get some during a sale, buy as much as you can. If they have a sale on meat, buy as much as you can afford and can or freeze it. If you get where you are replenishing your pantry (and freezer) with your weekly grocery money instead of buying the food you will eat that week, then you are on the right track.

Eventually, you will look around and say, "Wow, I am doing it." You will be in control of your own food supply. Maybe not all of it, but most it. At the very least, you will have food to eat. Then if bad times happen, as they do to everyone at some point in their lives, you will have a full pantry.

I even store some food that we do not eat. Like dried beans. That can be like cash in the future. Something to barter with.

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