Friday, June 03, 2011

Mending Broken Families

It's a funny thing about death and funerals. Often times, they bring families together. Families that have lost touch over the years. Or families that had some sort of disagreement and drifted from each other. Even when the family members were very close at one time.

Yesterday I attended my uncle's funeral. He was my mother's brother. She had two. Now one is left. Our family I am sad to say had a falling out of sorts years ago. The disagreements a family has, that last for years, will cause you to waste all that time. All that time you could have spent together. The closeness is gone. The family get togethers are a thing of the past. A memory. Some of the people have passed on. Sad.

Since one of my goals this year has been to have a "forgiving heart." It was with joy, that yesterday, I could put behind me any disagreements of the past. As I know my own mother would have done. It pained her to be separated from a brother and a sister. The sister was not due to any disagreement but due to distance. In her dying years, when she needed them most, they were not there.

I think when you have lived with that bitterness within you, it wears you down. It it not good for your good health or mind. So yesterday, we were saying good-by to my uncle, but it brought about the mending of fences between other members. Not all. Not everyone wants a "forgiving heart." It was the silver lining for me. Not only seeing cousins I haven't seen in years.......but seeing the family members who were part of the disagreement. Two that I loved and missed very much.

August 21, 2012 - Update To This Post

I have added this to my post. The uncle in this post, my mother's brother turned out to be a wolf in sheep's clothing. He did not change. He pretended to be very close to my father, when he was dying, and instead tried to steal what he had left. Nope, sometimes, it is wise not to trust family members who have shown themselves to be shifty and untrustworthy.

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