Thursday, September 01, 2011

Boothbys Blonde Cucumber Is A Nice Heirloom Plant!

Boothbys Blonde Cucumber

When I purchased our seeds this year, I bought two different varieties of heirloom cucumbers. One of them being the Boothbys Blonde cucumber, which comes from the Boothby family in Livermore, Maine. The last few years for some reason, I have had a hard time getting cucumbers, which used to be a very easy crop for me. I started these seeds in the house, and then planted them in a couple of my stone raised beds. They are doing very well!

Boothbys Blonde Cucumber Plant

Since I planted a few in the raised rock bed in the backyard, it has made it convenient when fixing supper to go out there and pick a few for our salad. They give you large yields of sweet and crunchy cukes. Creamy yellow fruits with black spines about 3-5 inches. I love the way they look, as well as taste!

Cucumber On The Vine

These cucumbers would make some awesome pickles, I am sure. I do not plan on making any this year. But maybe next year, I will have my root cellar done and have more room for storage. For now though, we are eating these daily. I call it our "snack food!"

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