Saturday, October 01, 2011

Harvest Time Is Ending Soon At Peaceful Forest


Every day now, I have picking up apples that fell from the tree in the backyard and giving them to our horses. They like them for a treat. I had to throw them out to them, since the mud is so deep I can't walk out there. And they won't walk to the fence for them for the same reason. They hate to get their feet in the mud, especially Georgie Girl. When it is dry out there, they play a game to see who gets the most. Georgie always wins since all she has to do is put her ears back. Since she is the "Boss Mare," Dark Shadow and Tawny will let her have the apple. That is the way of the horse hierarchy. 

 Potatoes and Cucumbers Harvested This Morning!

Today I harvested some more cucumbers from our garden. I don't know how what is left will hold up. The plant itself, looks dead. There are still cucumbers on it though, so I left the plant to see if they will ripen. If not, and we have a frost, I will have to take the plant out. For now though, we have quite a few cucumbers in the house to eat. When my son was here, he was going out every day picking cucumbers for supper. He prepared supper for us a lot during the summer. Now he has gone back to the city life again. I wonder if he misses picking the cucumbers and squash for supper?

 One Of My Potato Plants Started From "Eyes!"

I had planted some potatoes in various beds. They weren't anything I bought to plant. They were from the "eyes" of potatoes I had bought from the store. It looks like they grew fine. Not a lot, but enough for us to get a couple meals out of. We aren't eating a lot of potatoes anymore anyway, due to them being a high carb vegetable. Once or twice a week is enough.

 Fresh Mint Harvested This Morning!

Mint grows all over the place here. Today, I also cut a bit of that figuring that soon it will be hit by the frost that I am sure is on the way. I like to dry it and use in tea. Mint is a good thing to have on hand, a good medicinal plant. It is good for indigestion, fever, colds, headaches, diarrhea, colic and gas. Good for all that ails you, I'd say!

 Cherry Tomatoes Picked This Morning For Supper!

Every day I have picking some cherry tomatoes. They grew on their own and that means they are squashed together in one of the raised beds. Doesn't seem to matter much to them. They are red, shiny and taste like candy. So we can eat some every night in our salad. That is about the amount you get in one of those little containers in the store. So what is that, about $2.99 or so?

Cookstove Wood!

Then because it was so cold this morning, my husband brought in some wood for the wood cookstove. It is warming the house up some. Our office/living room is still kind of chilly, but the kitchen is pretty comfortable. I was able to use it for heating water and cooking. Now that I will be replenishing my supply of wood and kindling, I expect to be using it more than I was.

 One of our many squash plants!

I pulled up some of the squash plants that are done for the season. The stems on these plants are huge. Some of the biggest I have ever seen. One plant was very heavy to carry to the pile I put them in. I guess that is why they were so productive this year. Healthy thick stems! I am very pleased with the amount of squash I canned this year, 73 quarts. Looking forward to eating it in the winter months!

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