Monday, October 24, 2011

In The Middle Of The Forest!

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We have been in the process these last two years of adding some conveniences to our off-the-grid homestead. Now for any new people that have just come to my blog, off-the-grid may need a little explanation. Off-the-grid means that our home is not connected to the electrical utility grid. We have to generate our own electricity or live without it.

Road to our homestead!

Has it been hard? Not really any harder than paying the bills to the local electric company would be. Why do we do it? Most people naturally think it is just because it is cheaper. That is not really why. It is for the independence and freedom it gives us. Nobody has the right to tell us what we can do or not do with our

Our first solar panel!

We have always planned to grow the system. And we have. Starting out with one solar panel that we used mainly for lights, and at the time, our small tv that had a VHS tape player in it.We used kerosene lights for lighting and still use a couple on and off. Even though we now have some electric lights in the house, sometimes we have to limit using them due to how much power is coming in.

Directly across the road from our house!

So many people contact me saying they want to live off-the-grid and how can they do this? They seem to think they can buy a cheap solar panel and hook it up to their refrigerator or water pump. It is not that simple. There are components you need in the hook up as well as wiring and batteries.

Solar panels are on the barn roof now!

Spend some time learning about off-the-grid systems first before buying a solar panel or wind turbine. There are a lot of good sites on the internet that are full of information. Many forums have people who are more than happy to give you their opinion on what you need or what they do. Remember to do your research as there is no one way to do it. I do it differently than most people, but it may not be right for you.

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