Monday, October 10, 2011

Peaceful Forest Homestead's Fall Projects

This morning

As our days grow longer, our temperatures get cooler, our forest around us becomes a work of art.I appreciate the beauty around us. It kind of softens the knowledge that the cold winter will be here before long. Winter is expected. The snow is expected. We have to accept it. Time to take stock of winter clothing and bedding. Make sure we have enough of everything we need. Cold temps are not fun if you are cold. Keeping the house warm is one thing, but if you have to do some chores outside, you need to be warm there too.

Forest Path

I have tried to prepare for the winter every year. It is hard to do, as some things that need to be done cost money (Surprise!). And we never seem to have any extra money for those things. Every year, I am determined to complete those projects, but am never able to. At least we try, work at it and don't give up. So I work on my own projects, which are things like building up our food supply, our household supplies, organizing our house. Of course, I am always building up the piles of kindling and cook stove wood.  Everything is easier in an organized household. So I am kept pretty busy around here.

Our yard this morning

Our biggest project for the last 3 years has been trying to finish our root cellar, our battery room, and now to hook up our wind turbine. If those things can be finished, it will allow us to complete some other projects that are waiting. Projects such as insulating the walls of the pantry, shelving and flooring in there also. The pantry and root cellar work together, like pieces of a puzzle. If we can finish those projects, then the following spring or summer, we can set the water system in place inside the house. We have waited too long for that! But when you start working on a house like this, so many things are found in the process that have to be repaired, before you can go on.

 Maples turn first

As I work on some of my projects I will post them here. That way you can give me ideas of things you do too. In that way, we can help each other. Hope you have a nice fall day!

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