Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Progress Made Using Freecycle

 Tried to sell my books online!

 I am excited today! We just cleared out about 10 boxes of books out of our upstairs. I was trying to sell them online but that didn't work out so well. Takes too long and I need and want the space. So I posted them on Freecycle and have had a lot of people wanting them. A woman is coming this morning for them. I only posted one box yesterday and then asked her if she would take more than one. She said yes. Well, she might not want all of them! If not, I had other people request them. While I was writing this she came and she took them all!

 Utility Trailer

Last week I posted our little utility trailer on Freecycle too. I was swamped with emails about that! It seemed everyone wanted it. Two men came and got it and now that is out of our driveway. It had been setting out back by the woods and I wanted it gone. I hate seeing old things not being used sitting around outside. So my husband moved it to the driveway because his son wanted it. Well, it sat here all summer. So I offered it to my Freecycle group. It is gone.....

Supplies from Alice!

Now I order from Alice every month all our household supplies. It is just so much easier for me than to spend my time trying to walk through the stores. Looking for the brands or products I want. Well, Alice usually has it and I keep my products on a list and it takes me about ten minutes to place the order. The prices are comparable to Walmart and I am happy with this arrangement. If I don't place my order, I am always sorry when I run out of something. Anyway, Alice ships everything in these awesome boxes. I did not have the heart to throw them away. I offered them on Freecycle and now I have a nice man who will take them off my hands anytime they build up.

So now I am all done with selling books and used products online. I will only sell our strings, my own eBooks and photos. On Lupe Shop, I sell for a few distributors, but am working on those products. I am not happy with the products I have on there at the moment. I have made room upstairs to better organize our area for the guitar strings. I think I will work up there today.

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